We’re campaigning to get plastic bottles out of our seas with an awesome bottle deposit scheme. Join us to build a zero waste society!

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We want the government of Aotearoa New Zealand to initiate a bottle deposit scheme to prevent drink packaging waste. This would help stop plastic pollution while building a circular economy. Let’s make it happen! You can check out the full petition on ActionStation.

As kiwis we want to have a positive impact on the world but government inaction is letting the plastic crisis grow.

In the last year nearly one billion new plastic bottles have been made and then landfilled in Aotearoa NZ. They've also been littered, getting into the sea and harming birds, turtles, fish.

A bottle deposit system would have recycled all of that plastic, and created a circular economy to start reusing all drink containers. We want #BottleDeposits, now!

How do bottle deposits work?

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