We’re campaigning to get plastic bottles out of our seas with an awesome bottle deposit scheme. Join us to build a zero waste society!

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How do bottle deposits work?

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We're asking the New Zealand government to initiate a bottle deposit scheme. This will control drink packaging waste and encourage greater recycling. You can check out the full petition on ActionStation.

One billion plastic bottles are produced globally every day. They end up in our oceans, on our beaches, in our communities and they’re not going away unless we do something about it!

Bottle deposit schemes are the answer! Easy, efficient and even fun, bottle deposits are the best known solution we have to protecting our oceans, beaches and communities from plastic (and glass) waste!

Be the change and join us in making bottle deposits the future for Aotearoa NZ.  You can sign the petition, gather signatures, volunteer, or even run a bottle drive in your local community!


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