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We're gathering signatures to petition the New Zealand government, calling on them to initiate a bottle deposit scheme to control drink packaging waste and encourage greater recycling.

After sharing please share this with your friends and networks, as more people add their names, the stronger our collective voice is, calling for bottle deposits!

You can print off paper forms to collect petition signatures in person here.

Message in a Bottle

We need bottle deposits  - help the NZ government get the message.

We’re running “Message in a Bottle”, sending plastic drink bottles to the Minister for the Environment, via Freepost Parliament. Help us show the public support for bottle deposits by taking action – send a message in a bottle!

Send a message in a bottle!

  1. Get an empty plastic bottle.
  2. Print one of these labels (or six of them), and attach it to the bottle.
  • Add your name and electorate/town/postcode.
  • If you want, add your own message about why you want bottle deposits scheme.

e.g. I want bottle deposits with an additional message like:

– To get plastic out of the sea
– For local jobs
– To fundraise for my school
– To clean up my stream
– For some extra cash
– To stop litter

  1. Stick your message to the empty bottle (If the messages are inside, the bottles will be less likely to be recycled).
  1. If you haven’t used an addressed label, address the empty bottle.
    [Minister for the Environment]
    Freepost Parliament
    Private Bag 18 888
    Parliament Buildings
    Wellington 6160
    Tape a piece of paper to the bottle with this address and your message on it. You may also want to send bottles to other MPs too – go for it.
  1. Take a photo holding your message in a bottle, and share on facebook/ instagram @thekiwibottledrive
    #messageinabottle #bottledeposits #BringOnBottleDepositsNZ #plasticfreeNZ
  1. Put the bottle in a post box!

7.  If you haven’t already – please sign and share our petition!

Bottle drive events!

As part of our campaign we’re supporting community groups around the country to organise Bottle Drive events, where people can get a taste of what a bottle deposit system might be like.

These are great fun, and always generate huge amounts of enthusiasm for the campaign as people experience getting 10c refunds for recycling and ask:

“Why don’t we have this already!?”

To help groups run bottle drives, we’ve put together a resource pack, which you can find here.

If you’re considering it, please contact us: