Bottle Deposits are a step towards zero waste. They are the most effective way to make a circular economy for plastic bottles, drink cans and glass bottles. Bottle deposits provide an incentive to recycle, preventing litter. They will help our seas become plastic free and leave the landfills empty!

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Tell me why!

Why throw away a good thing? We already had a working system system like this until the 1980’s.

Oceans are cool; A bottle deposit system in New Zealand would reduce litter by 65% and beyond. That means cleaner, healthier oceans and beaches for us!

Make a mill or two; in Australia, the Scouts make $25 million a year! Bottle deposits are great for the whole community.

New jobs; A bottle deposit system in New Zealand will create more than 2,000 new entry-level jobs.

Join the leaders, New Zealand! The rest of the world is ahead of us and we need to catch up. Australia will have bottle deposit schemes in all states by the end of 2018 and Germany has achieved a 98% recycling rate on plastic bottles.

We’re lovin’ it; 90% of local councils already support introducing such a scheme and recent study showed 91% of New Zealanders were keen. What are we waiting for?

Push the button; The legislation is already in place in our Waste Act, 2008. All we need now is action.

Bringing in a bottle deposit scheme is a key step for taking New Zealand towards a zero waste society, where we effectively steward limited resources. By collecting all those bottles and cans, we would be holding onto a resource to then reuse it – and with higher recycling rates we can do better quality recycling!

Bottle deposits would also be encouraging innovation and creating infrastructure to reuse other wasted materials, moving us closer to zero waste. There will be big cuts in carbon emissions to be gained through using more recycled material in manufacturing – helping us mitigate the worst effects of climate change.

Want to know more?

A significant part of our campaigning is based on research done by Envision.

For all the details on how and why a Bottle Deposit Scheme would work have a read of their 2015 “InCentive to Recycle” report in full and summary.

Cash for Containers NZ has further FAQs and information about Bottle Deposits (which they refer to as Cash for Containers or Container Deposit Schemes).